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Littmann 3200 Stethoscope Setup

Bluetooth 3200 Littmann Stethoscope Setup

3MLittmann Model 3200 Stethsocope

Electronic Stethoscope
Enhance your ability to hear patient sounds locally, as well as transmit sounds remotely. The Model 3200 electronic stethoscope combines Ambient Noise Reduction technology and frictional noise dampening features with amplification, Bluetooth technology, and an all-new user interface. Visualize patient heart sounds as a phonocardiogram via TeleHealth365 OmniPresence Clinic System.
(Note -- Littmann 3200 Stethoscope commercially available from medical stores).


* Built-in LCD for a simplified user experience
* Bluetooth adaptor included (not compatible with Apple devices)
* Eliminates 85% (on average) of ambient noise
* Amplifies sounds up to 24x

Recommended Stethoscope Setting

* Littmann 3200 Stethoscope Configuration Document
See download page for configuration information

Bluetooth Status Update

DE300 Dermascope Setup

DE300 Dermscope

* Sensor Resolution - True 2.0 Megapixels
* Magnification - Native Optical: 35x to 175x plus Digital: Up to 525x
* Lens Assembly - Dual Lenses - 3-Layer Glass, 650mn cutoff
* Lighting - 8 Ultra-Bright LEDS - Fully adjustable brightness

DE500 Dermascope Setup

DE500 Dermscope

* Sensor Resolution - True 1.3 Megapixel resolution
* Magnification - Native Optical: 15x to 30x plus Digital: Up to 150x
* Lens Assembly - Dual Lenses - 3-Layer Glass, 650mn cutoff
* Lighting - Ultra-Bright LEDS - Fully adjustable brightness

Orthopedic Setup

OmniPresence Clinic - Orthopedic

* Share any X-Ray with your patients at remote site in real time
* Share any Medical (ie Surgery, Procdures etc.) Videos with your patients at remote site in real time
using Application, Windows Desktop, or Browser Tab

DY-40B Camera Setup

DY-40B Camera

* Model: DY-40B
* Sensor: 3800000
* Pixel of picture: 1600x1200
* Type of focus: Auto-focus of AF
* Scope of focus: 5mm-50mm

Telemedicine Cart Camera Setup

Telemedicine Cart

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Telemedicine Cart

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Camera, Microphone and Speaker Selection

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Telemedicine Cart